Cedarburg Bulldogs Girls Soccer Team focuses on team building at Team Escape 262

Cedarburg Bulldogs Girls Soccer Team focuses on team building at Team Escape 262

The Cedarburg Bulldogs felt that Team Escape 262 was the perfect solution to get their team on the same page.  The Bulldogs worked together to accomplish a shared goal.  They put their phones away for an hour to concentrate on Teamwork and Team bonding.  They will remember this event as much as any games they will play.  Win or Lose!

The Cedarburg Bulldogs were great players and both of their teams were able to escape the room!!



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We offer large comfortable escape room experiences where you have plenty of room to think, work and solve puzzles.  Our escape rooms originated in Manchester UK and we are confident you will not find a more complete escape and entertainment experience.  We can handle groups of up to 50 at a time with 2 private party areas.  We have several different food and beverage options from which to choose.  We are very active in the community and we are trying to ‘Make a Difference’ with our team building and leadership workshops!  To stay in touch with everything we have going on, join our email list now.

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