Leadership program

Servant Leadership Workshop at TeamEscape 262 – Check out this testimonial

“Wisconsin Resource Center came out last week for TeamEscape 262’s leadership workshop “Reaching Hearts and Minds through Servant Leadership”.  WRC has brought out several groups over the past year to better improve their culture and the work experience in general.  This 3 hour workshop is hosted by Patrick Van Abel who is a founder of…

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TeamEscape 262 offers Team Building Workshops

Teamescape 262 was designed and built to accommodate groups who want to do  Team Building.   We do tons of Team Building workshops at 262.  A Festival Foods executive recently state “I cannot think of a better team building option than to do an escape room. Think of it, there are no physical limitations that are ever…

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Little Folks Daycare Leadership Workshop at TeamEscape 262

Little Folks Daycare from Kewaskum came out and spent the day with TeamEscape 262 located in Menomonee Falls. The day was spent learning about the powerful principals of Servant Leadership and team building.  TeamEscape 262 hosts groups from all over SE Wisconsin for our 1/2 day Servant Leader workshops. The 1/2 day workshop includes 2…

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